The development of Parikkala-Syväoro border crossing

In our project we have a partner in Parikkala (Finland) having close cooperation with officials on the Russian side in Karelia. Parikkala has during the project arranged a couple of seminars and visits to Karelia about cross border issues.

For example in November 2012 NECL II -delegation met  the Head of Karelia Mr. Alexandr Khudilainen and was convinced that the internationalization of Parikkala-Syväoro border crossing points are strongly supported in Russia and also in Finland the matter should be seen as a positive thing, because the new Midnordic route would decrease congestions and bottle necks at other check points in South-east Finland.

The development of the Parikkala border crossing and increasing tourism has also been taken into account in strengthening the entire land use plan of the Saimaa Ladoga Logistics Centre - zone and development.

Also in June 2013 a seminar in Parikkala included also a visit to Russian Karelia and Lahdenpohja where the participants were convinced about the ongoing road projects on the Russian side.

NECL II -partnership hopes that the Parikkala-Syväoro border crossing point will be internationalized by 2017.

More information:
- Aune Ritola-Grahn, Business Development Officer, municipality of Parikkala,
Tel. +358 44 781 1266,

Uppdated: 2013-09-04
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