Cost analysis of ports and their infrastructure

Description and analysis of different costs related to target ports and their infrastructure; ships put in, fees on goods, fees on pilots and fairway and stevedoring costs.

Also cost analysis of hiring a marketing expert regarding cargo ship connections into each Mid Nordic Corridor country i.e. to Kaskinen, to one of Sundsvall ports region and to Trondheim, will be conducted.
- Identification, description and analysis of available vessels with tonnage and over-all capacity conditions and measures.

Another important issue is the type of transportation as bare-boat or time-charter contracts. The analysis will include discussion on different scenarios with the potential shipping companies and ports concerned. For the transportation routes to UK and Ireland the analysis of available vessels will consider the special circumstances related to deep sea transportation on long distances.
- The selected shipping routes and the different port alternatives will be analyzed in more detail, which will include transport scheduling and specific time tables for each operator.

NECL II -report:  Port Costs and Liner Ship Survey between Port of Kaskinen and Swedish PortsPDF
(July 2012, act. 4.2.)

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Uppdated: 2013-01-09
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