Business plans of shipping company and port of Kaskinen

Business Plan of shipping company/cargo liner between Sundsvall Ports Region and port of Kaskinen -City of Kaskinen/Finland.

The main purpose with the study has been to establish a business plan for a liner ship connection between the Port of Kaskinen, Finland and Port of Sundsvall and surrounding regions in Sweden and to introduce a business plan to investors for decision making on a new cargo liner service.
Earlier, related studies have been analysis on cargo flows (4.1.) and  Cost analysis of ports (4.2.).  

This route has been chosen based on the information that a new logistics center will be built in Sundsvall starting in 2015. This will create better competitiveness for liner ship traffic to the Port of Sundsvall which also has Ten-T port status.

The study includes an excel calculation model which will help potential ship owners analyze costs and incomes for optional liner ship alternatives. The model calculates any input variable such as ship type, register tonnage, average lane meter length etc. The model calculates financial figures on route profitability.

This study has compared technical, operative and economical structures with three (m/s Gute, m/s Finnarrow and m/s Ahtela) and later two different liner ship options (m/s Finnarrow and m/s Ahtela) on two different routes from Kaskinen to Sweden: Kaskinen-Sundsvall and Kaskinen-Härnösand/ Norrsundet. Other comparisons have been made considering available facilities in following ports: Kaskinen, Sundsvall, Härnosand and Norrsundet. This study has concentrated on liner economic factors ending up on net profit figures of these ships on both optional routes. Calculations are based on the cargo traffic estimation between 2013 and 2022. Cargo volumes have been estimated on the basis on earlier done studies (work package activities 4.1 and 4.2), on interviews and on targets placed by Port of Kaskinen on these route options. All the port costs are calculated
on tariff prices which port authorities of Kaskinen, Sundsvall, Härnösand and Norrsundet have contributed to this study.

Read more in the report and the executive summary:
Report Business plan for a liner connectionPDF
(act. 4.4.,made by Logiwin, Jan 2013)

Executive summaryPDF

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