Study tour from sea to sea was successful

Ca. 20 representatives of NECL II -project made a study tour through Sweden and Norway during 15-16 of June 2011.

The purpose of the tour was to visit interesting places on the Midnordic Transport Corridor and get more information on the cases.  The participants visited eg. the Ports of Sundsvall and Trondheim, and heard newest facts about establishment of combiterminals in Ånge and Östersund and plans of new Goods center in Trondheim.

Local press published news on the trip: link, opens in new window link, opens in new window link, opens in new window (intro & from 7min 10s)

The plan is to next to make a similar trip through Finland.

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Links to interesting cases on the way, and presentations:

Port of Sundsvall: link, opens in new window

Mittnabotrain: link, opens in new window

About combiterminal and railway yard in Ånge: link, opens in new window

Green Highway -project Sundsvall-Östersund-Trondheim: www.greenhighway.nuexternal link, opens in new window

Meråker Line in Wikipedia: link, opens in new window

Port of Trondheim: link, opens in new window

A study about a new logistic center in Port of TrondheimPDF (in Norwegian)


• Kenth Nilsson, Trafikverket (the Swedish Transport Administration)
• Mats Olofsson, Trafikverket
• Helena Olsson, Trafikverket/Vectura
• Tor Nicolaisen, Jernbaneverket (the Norwegian National Rail Administration)
• Sven-Olof Gustafsson, municipality of Östersund
• Jan Rylander, municipality of Ånge
• Joar Nordtug, Nord-Tröndelags fylkeskommune
• Gaute Dahl, Sör Tröndelag Fylkeskommune
• Sindre Olav Blindheim, Statens Vegvesen (The Norwegian Public Roads Administration)
• Jon Arne Klemetsaune, Statens Vegvesen
• Leif Magne Lillebakk, Statens Vegvesen
• Rolf Aarland, Port of Trondheim
• Håkan Persson, Port of Sundsvall
• Björn Amnov, Deltaterminal
• Johan Stén, Deltaterminal
• Timo Onnela, Port of Kaskinen
• Kari Veromaa, Port of Kaskinen/Logiwin ltd
• Per-Åke Hultstedt, NECL II/Leadpartner Västernorrland
• Virpi Heikkinen NECL II

Uppdated: 2011-06-22
The study tour started with visit and presentation of Sundsvall Port.
From Sundsvall the tour continued with Mittnabotrain to Östersund - local press interviewed.
On the train the group got information for example of the new railway yard in Ånge.
Also the engine-driver told interesting stories about his work.
In Östersund the transportation form was changed into bus.
Also in Östersund the local press was interested in the study tour and the development of the Midnordic Transport Corridor.
The Port of Kaskinen was discussed during the bustrip, as well as the Meråker Line.
The tour ended in Trondheim and the group received interesting news of Port of Trondheim and future plans concerning the establishment of a new Goods terminal in Trondheim.
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