Steering Committee appointed for the project

A Steering Committee has been appointed for the project, and has as task to follow and lead the project implement and coordination.

Steering Committee members:

Källstrand Bo (Chairman, Leadpartner)
Arne Braut (Sör-Tröndelag)
Christer Fröjd (Mid Sweden University)
Ingemar Frej (Swedish Transport Administration Mid Region)
Marlene Svens (City of Kaskinen)
Peter Boström (Midnordic Committe)
Rolf Nyholm (Midnordic Committe)
Per-Åke Hultstedt (Project Manager, LP)

In  addition  WP-leaders, Project Managers and Financial Manager are invited to the meetings as associated members.

Steering Committee had the first meeting on 8th of March 2011.  Next meeting will be a telephone meeting on 6th of June.

Uppdated: 2011-04-12
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Steering Team with Project Managers and WP-leaders.
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