SPC Finland´s publication: Transport and the Environment 2012

SPC Finland´s publication, Transport and the Environment 2012, is an extensive review on the environmental aspects of transport with emphasis on maritime transport and freight transport. The publication covers the environmental impacts of transport and the means to reduce them, presenting also the recent environmental legislation related to transport.
With this publication, SPC Finland provides information for the current transport-related environmental discussion and for decision-making of various stakeholders.

The publication is available both in English and Finnish on the website shortsea.fi.

The publication: http://www.shortsea.fi/images/pdf/Uutisarkisto/Transport_Environment_2012_en2.pdfexternal link, opens in new window
The newsletter: http://issuu.com/spc_finland/docs/transport_environment_en2external link, opens in new window

Uppdated: 2012-06-19
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