Russia upgrades borders and faces criticism

(BarentsNova 30/10/2012)

All border stations of Russia will be equipped with scanners for biometric passports.

According to the plan of Rosgranitsa [state agency on border infrastructure], new passport scanners will be installed in every border station by 2015. However, this improvement can be achieved only if sufficient funding is secured.
Alongside with that, Rosgranitsa finds it important to proceed with its joint international projects on development of the border stations neighbouring Estonia, Finland and Norway.

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Border Days coming up (Barentsnova 20/9/2012): link, opens in new window

Uppdated: 2012-10-31
NECL II is planning a visit to Petrozavodsk in November 2012, to meet Mr. Khudilainen, Head of the Republic of Karelia, in order to discuss the development of eg. Parikkala-Syväoro cross border stations.
More information later.
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