Prospects of the Midnordic Green Transport Corridor was discussed in February 2013 with Russian represents of trade and transports

NECL II -representatives had several interesting meetings in February 2013 in Helsinki as they met Russian representatives from The Trade Representation of the Russian Federation in Finland and Oy ContainerTrans Scandinavia Ltd.
Consultant Igor Titov from the Trade representation of Russian Federation in Finland participated in a meeting 26.2.2013 in Helsinki,  where the main topic was the future prospects of the Midnordic Green transport Corridor were discussed.

The Russian delegates declared their formal interest in the work that is being done, in the NECL-II project. The Russian delegates expressed a desire to go from words to action and suggested a meeting in Russia (with Russian counterparts) in order to start a formal and mutual cooperation through a common project and/or through actual business — transporting goods.

Later the NECL-II group visited Oy ContainerTrans Scandinavia Ltd and got was very concrete and highlighted present conditions for goods transports between the NECL-II area and Asia. It was pointed out that the existing chains of, mainly maritime, transportation (between China and Finland in this case) are satisfactory and economically feasible. In order for railroad traffic to be competitive, and to constitute a realistic alternative to sea transports, enormous volumes have to be transported on a regular basis. On the positive note, from a railroad perspective, new markets, new transportation relations and new goods are emerging, primarily in Asia. For example Kazakhstan was mentioned as an up and coming market in this context.

More information about the meeting:
WP4-leader Henric Fuchs

The Trade Representation of the Russian Federation in Finland: www.rusfintrade.ruexternal link, opens in new window

In the picture: (from left to right):
Mr. P. Hellman, Mr. H. Fuchs, Mr. I. Titov, Mr. M. V. Krasnogor,Mr. T. Onnela, Mr. K. Veromaa and Mr. A. Mazur,
(missing Mr. L. Olsson).
Uppdated: 2013-04-09
About the visit in Russia:
В Хельсинки прошла встреча по обсуждению перспектив организации грузового транспортного коридора «Midnordic Green Transport Corridor»:
(Информация о Торгпредстве 26.02.2013) link, opens in new window
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