Outcome of east-west transport seminar in Stjördal: the electrification of Meråker Line must be done by July 2015

In total 80 persons participated in the seminar to hear interesting presentations on Midnordic transport needs.

Especially Norwegian and Swedish politicians emphasized the urgent need of electrificating the Meråker Line in Norway.  Regions can no longer wait for the slow process and decisions of state finances in the matter - the regions stated a goal that the line must be developed and opened by 1st of July 2015.

In addition the Midnordic Committee delivered following statement to the national infrastructure authorities in the region: "Improving competitiveness demands better infrastructure". PDF

The seminar included several interesting presentations, most of them in Swedish and Norwegian, some in Finnish.

The presentations are available on YouTube:
MIDNORDIC GREEN TRANSPORT CORRIDORexternal link, opens in new window

More information and all the ppt-presentations on our Swedish pages.

Uppdated: 2011-11-18
Ca 80 persons from Norway, Sweden and Finland participated in the seminar.

Development of Meråker Line is one of the key projects in NECL II.

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