Österströms starts new RoRo line between Rauma and Gävle - Route61

Interesting related news:
Österströms,Euroports Finland and Stuveribolaget Gävle will in a close cooperation with ports of Rauma and Gävle start a RoRo service.
Traffic launch is planned for 1 May 2011. The frequency is initially three trips per week. The second step is to develop traffic to six trips per week. Österströms will operate the line Rauma - Gävle with RoRo vessel M/V Festivo which has a capacity of 1100 lane meters/64 standard trailers.
The liner service will be sold and marketed by the parties´ new joint logistics company, Route61. Route61 will primarily provide total transport solutions to industrial customers in Finland and Sweden. The concept also offer combined rail solutions to the continent and to Russia.

More information:
http://www.portofrauma.fi/pdf.php?pdf=pdf%2FLehdistotiedote%2520Route61_eng.pdf&sKieli=suomiexternal link, opens in new window

Uppdated: 2011-06-23
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