New report: Port Costs and Liner Ship Survey between Port of Kaskinen and Swedish Ports

Main focus in the study has been to find and produce supporting data of port costs for the decision making of investors into a new cargo liner service between Port of Kaskinen in Finland and Swedish ports in Västernorrland.
Analysis of different costs related to different ports and its infrastructure are examined in the study. Identification, description and analysis of available ferry ship alternatives have also been noticed.
This study examines the route options for liner traffic from Port of Kaskinen, Finland to four different ports in Sweden. Geographical area in this study is located around the Gulf of Bothnia. In Finland this WP 4.2 study is focused on Port of Kaskinen and in Sweden focus area is located between Härnösand and Norrsundet. Examined ship types are Roro and RoPax vessels, because in WP 4.1 activity it was found out that most of the ferry cargo traffic between Finland and Sweden is transported by trucks with drivers or semi-trailers. The chosen ports for Roro-liner traffic must have a suitable Roro-ramp and other conditions for the liner ship operator.

In conclusions most suitable ships and also ports in Sweden are compared and estimated for possible new future route.
In order to get more cargoes and to serve best the Midnordic Green Transport Corridor between Trondheim-Åre/Östersund-Sundsvall/Härnosand it would be recommended to implement a schedule, which would serve from Kaskinen to Sundsvall and also every second voyage to Norrsundet. Both Norrsundet and Härnosand are quite cost competitive for liner traffic due to private status, same ownership and due other reasons not specified by port owners.

The study Port Costs and Liner Ship Survey (act. 4.2.)PDF

More information about the study:
• Kari Veromaa, consult Logiwin Ltd, kari.veromaa(at),
tel: +358 40 551 6679
• Timo Onnela, Port Captain in Kaskinen, e-mail: timo.onnela(at),
tel. +358 40 7265 740

Uppdated: 2012-08-21
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