New NECL II -report: Survey of border-crossing and intermodal issues with three transport case studies

The main purpose in the study (act. 4.5.) has been to describe cross-border problems and intermodal problems and solution proposals in the Midnordic Green Transport Corridor and compare three selected  cargo routes between the MNGTC and selected alternative routes:

1. Hydrogen peroxide 50 % liquid export from Sverlovsk/Yekaringburg to Sundsvall mill

2. Salmon fish cold road haulage from Trondheim to Moscow

3. Liquid natural gas (LNG) as refridgerated liquid from Trondheim to Kaskinen.

The Midnordic Transport Corridor proves to be cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative. Read more in the study.PDF (made by Logiwin Ltd, 2013)

Also a questionnaire was sent to eg. Russian companies and authorities which stated that the direct rail route to the Atlantic port could attract the cargo from continental countries - exporters of products and semi-products. But only under certain prerequisites and standards.

The study suggests that the corridor should increase marketing and establish a promoting organisation but most of all to have export/import companies to take part in the development of the corridor.

More information from WP4-leader Henric Fuchs.

Uppdated: 2013-09-04
The three study cases, click for bigger image.
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