NECL II -report: Specialization of ports in Ostrobothnia

Sea transport and ports have great meaning to the region of Ostrobothnia. There are four deep-water harbours in Ostrobothnia: Pietarsaari, Vaasa, Kaskinen and Kristiinankaupunki.
Cooperation and specialization of these ports must be regenerated as well as the sea and land connections. The target should be that all goods exported from and imported to Ostrobothnia are transported through one of Ostrobothnia´s own ports.

The main goal of this study was to describe the present state of the four ports in Ostrobothnia and their possibilities regarding specialization and cooperation. The study was executed by exploring literature and other written material and by conducting several interviews. The study also contains six different scenarios that were simulated and studied with Frisbee, a freight traffi c model.

Extract from the report:
Local forest industry is the main customer of the port of Kaskinen. Port´s strength is its functional port infrastructure:it´s suitable for handling forest industry bulk goods and it enables handling other goods in the future.This is also supported by the port´s good throughput and wide expansion possibilities.

Specialization of ports in OstrobothniaPDF (by Ramboll Finland 2012),
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