NECL II -report: Operation of abnormal transports in Ostrobothnia

The work studies the operation of abnormal transports in Finland and, in particular, in Ostrobothnia.
The functioning of the permit process and division of work between different actors was studied by interviewing business and authority representatives connected to the abnormal transport domain.
The demand for abnormal transports was analzyed based on route permits granted for special transports in the years 2007—2011. This revealed the most significant abnormal transport localities and connections for Finland and Ostrobothnia, and also the most significant abnormal transport destinations in Ostrobothnia.

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(act. 3.5., by Ramboll Finland, 2012)

The report is part of the the traffic plan system in Ostrobothnia,  read more here (only in Swedish and Finnish):äggning-Trafiksystemplan.aspx?docID=10306&TocID=14external link, opens in new window

Uppdated: 2013-04-11
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