NECL II: Norway, Sweden and Finland must invest in alternative and complementing international transport routes in order to face future

Output from Midnordic Green Transport Corridor (NECL II) Mid-term conference 15-16 August 2012 Vaasa
The necessity to develop good east-west connections is about keeping domestic companies competitiveness on an increasingly global arena. This can´t be emphasized enough. Looking at cross border solutions between Finland and Russia, getting a stabile ferry line between Finland and Sweden together with electrification of the Meråkerline between Sweden and Norway is the most essential matters to solve in the short run. Business with Russia and China is a growing market potential for the Nordic companies. We all need to understand that we are facing a period where high amount of cooperation between the Nordic countries is essential, in order to be able to compete on a global market.

International cooperation is a matter of domestic survival...

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Presentations from the seminar

Uppdated: 2012-09-18
The midterm conference gathered over 50 participants to Vaasa  during sunny days  on 15-16th of August 2012.  
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