Lower fuel consumption and emissions with new timber truck

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In northern Sweden there has been transport trials with new timber trucks which have the capacity for one stack more than standard timber vehicles and contributes to reducing heavy traffic.
The trials has shown that the environmental saving is slightly more than 20%. For example, it saved 56,000 litres of diesel and 140 tons of carbon dioxide.
This so called "ETT vehicle" weighs 90 tonnes, is 30 metres long and operates between the timber terminal in Överkalix and SCA´s industries in Munksund, a one-way distance of 160 kilometres.

Using an ETT vehicle, the number of heavy transport in traffic is reduced. In 18 months, an ETT vehicle had the capacity to transport 80,000 cubic metres of timber, with 650 fewer truck loads, compared with a standard timber truck. This means a reduction of 210,000 kilometres, corresponding to about 5.3 times around the globe. In addition, it appears that wear and tear on the roads was reduced since the load is evenly distributed, signifying considerably less pressure on the axle.

Because of the clear environemtnal impact, the project group is now hoping that the ETT vehicle will be tested in more districts and are  are hoping for positive news from the Swedish Road Administration and the Swedish Transport Agency in the future.

The news on SCA -webb: http://www.sca.com/en/Press/News-features/Archive/2010/One-more-stack--excellent-for-the-environment/external link, opens in new window

Uppdated: 2011-06-09
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Similar trials have been implemented in Norway: (the news only in Norwegian) http://www.vegvesen.no/Om+Statens+vegvesen/Media/Siste+nyheter/Vis?key=223698external link, opens in new window
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