Important information from Russian Karelia about ongoing road projects. The internationalization of Parikkala-Syväoro border crossing point still under discussion.

The possible internationalization of Parikkala-Syväoro border crossing point is in Finland a matter of regional and transport policy.
The municipality of Parikkala, in South-east Finland, arranged a two-day seminar which included also a visit to Russian Karelia, where the participants got important information about ongoing road projects.
There are many roads under construction which lead also to border crossing points and improve thus the connections between Finland and Russia, but also further to Scandinavia and Europe.

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About the topic earlier:
Development of Syväoro check point in Russian Karelia is under positive wings - same must be done on the Finnish side in Parikkala

Map above shows the development plans on Russia Karelian roads.
Uppdated: 2013-06-06
Photos from the trip:
(all photos: Virpi Heikkinen/NECL II -project)
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