Good experience from TransRussia -exhibition - planning to participate in 2012

NECL II -project aims to promote the Midnordic Green Transport Corridor widely to potential end-uusers. Some of NECL II —partners visited in April 2011 the TransRussia -exhibition in Moscow and the experience was positive: a lot of visitors and most of them represent experts within transport sector.

NECL II -project is now planning to promote the Midnordic Green Transport Corridor at TransRussia in year 2012.

Project Manager Ari Lehtinen from Seinäjoki Region Business Service Center explains:
- It is very important to get real information for Finnish, Swedish and Norwegian companies about the transport structure in Russia - who the Russian transporters are and how they work. Who to contact when ordering a transport and so on. It is good to know all the Russian operators, at least to some extent.

In Russia the custom is to make an official agreement about the transport, before the reliability can be confirmed. Reliability can be built only by personal contacts and this would be possible face-to-face at the exhibition. In addition, one can always find new potential partners in order to get more efficient and reliable transports — which are very important factors for Russian actors. For example the transit-volumes will keep on growing, as well as transports from east to west.

Ari Lehtinen adds:
- It is also important to know and clarify what kind of documents are needed in transnational transports and for example at the receiving terminal. Viexpo - a Finnish expert on internationalisation - has made a research about the cross-border formalities, including customs, tolls - which will be useful at this stage.
There are also other Finnish partners at the exhibition every year, and although some are contestants with each other, the cooperation is excellent and more experienced ones give valuable tips to new-beginners.

During the future exhibition NECL II is planning to arrange interesting presentations from different aspects, especially valuable for the Midnordic Green Transport Corridor.

Uppdated: 2011-06-09
Project Manager Ari Lehtinen enjoyed the visit at TransRussia -exhibition in spring 2011.

More information on TransRussia: www.transrussia.ruexternal link, opens in new window

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