First Newsletter of NECL II

Dear reader,

this is the first newsletterPDF of the North East Cargo Link (NECL) II -project, developing the Midnordic Green Transport Corridor.  In this first issue you will find general information on the objectives, partnership and future activities in our project. We hope that you find the NECL II -project interesting and useful.

Thank you for reading and hopefully even distributing it further!

NECL II is a project part-financed by Baltic Sea Region Programme 2007—2013. We invite you to follow our project activities by issuing a newsletter twice a year for the project duration.

In next issues we will dig in deeper in the activities and present different topics, objectives and results.

Please, don´t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or possible cooperation and development ideas.

Uppdated: 2011-03-29
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