Finnish Minister of Transport Merja Kyllönen visited the Port of Kaskinen

The port and city of Kaskinen received a welcome guest on Tuesday 11th of September as the Finnish Minister of Transport Merja Kyllönen visited the port.

The minister got a presentation of the port of Kaskinen and the railway line between Seinäjoki and Kaskinen. In addition the Minister heard about the international NECL II -project and the recent studies that has been implemented in the project, eg. about cargo flows and potential of the Midnordic Green transport Corridor.

The visit was very important for Kaskinen as the railway line between Kaskinen and Seinäjoki is under a pressure and decisions whether to be repaired or not.
The railway is essential for the port of Kaskinen and also all the municipalities along the line.

More information about the visit:
Marlene Svens, city director of Kaskinen,  tel. +358 400-868780, marlene.svens(at)

Uppdated: 2012-09-18

NECL II -report: Port Costs and Liner Ship Survey between Port of Kaskinen and Swedish Ports

Joint declaration about development needs in Finland (including railway line Seinäjoki-Kaskinen)

Improving competitiveness demands better infrastructure - Statement by Mid Nordic Committeeexternal link, opens in new window (Nov 2011):
The basic repairs on the Seinäjoki-Kaskinen railway is a necessary prerequisite for creating a continuous transport corridor in the Mid Nordic region.

• Minister of Transport Merja Kyllönen: link, opens in new window

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