Establishment of new logistics centre to Seinäjoki - food industry strongly involved

The logistics centre in Seinäjoki is built in the middle of the strongest food industry region in Finland.
There are approximately 170 food industry companies in Southern Ostrobothnia. The area´s development is built on Atria, Valio, vegetable wholesalers, and small growing local food producers.

A clarification is ordered by the NECL II project as a part of the project and linked to a wider project. The project relates to food industry logistics and its development in the regional logistics centre in Seinäjoki.

The logistics centre in Seinäjoki can serve as a model for the whole NECL II -project.
The study: Regional logistics area of Seinäjoki.PDF (report by EP Logistics).

In particular the food industry companies and the logistics centres supporting their operations have developed methods that benefit all the logistics service solutions in Seinäjoki.

The report: Logistics centre in Seinäjoki  as a focal point for the food industryPDF

The starting point for the next stage of the whole logistics centre is to increase the motivation of companies. The correct choice of assignments increases enthusiasm. Special assignments include logistics and links to central firms. A company marketing its products is looking for precisely these services. The future shape of progress cannot be predicted yet. There are several options. What is essential at this point is for the pioneers of logistics in Southern Ostrobothnia to have their voices heard. Several issues need to be solved. By no means are companies merely passive users of the logistics centre.
The most essential background information is the report concerning the flow of goods for the food industry. It is important to get information about the amount of goods being delivered to Helsinki, Oulu and Jakobstad along with the return loads in order to assess the correct situation. Analysing the stream of goods to and from Russia is also an essential target.

Decentralisation is the solution and decentralisation requires cooperation.

Summary from the report: Service development of the food industry at Seinäjoki logistics centrePDF
• The food industry is the most important sector in Southern Ostrobothnia
• Production, logistics, cooler and freezer space and terminals operate in a chain
• The aim is to increase rail transport
• Seinäjoki faces a new situation as a central location
• The success of each partner affects the success of the whole chain
• The logistics for the food industry are demanding
• The cold chain must remain unbroken
• Unloading and loading has to happen extremely quickly
• The aim  is to transfer order information electronically
• To reduce incorrect deliveries
• To improve monitoring
• To speed up deliveries
• The decentralised cooperation of the planned logistics centre and the companies ensures development
• The demands of national and international logistics connections in the food industry emphasise quality, freshness, product knowledge and speed

Reports by Tietoliike Kari Virtanen (Feb 2012)

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Uppdated: 2012-04-02
Seinäjoki is in the crossroads for logistics operations (click for bigger image)
Atria is one of the big Finnish food companies located in Seinäjoki.
(photo: city of Seinäjoki).
HahkaWay is a logistics company based in Seinäjoki, which offers all-round services to the food industry.(photo NECL II).
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