Development of Syväoro check point in Russian Karelia is under positive wings - same must be done on the Finnish side in Parikkala

The delegation of Midnordic Green Transport Corridor met the Head of Karelia, Mr. Alexander Khudilainen on Tuesday 6th of November.
The Chairman on Parikkala municipality council Ari Berg tells:
-        The decision of internationalization and the agreements between Finland and Russia should be done as soon as possible, as the development in both countries should proceed simultaneously in the same pace and towards same goals and directions. On the Russian side there are already several practical actions going on.

There are for example several road projects in Russia which improve the traffic connections.
The internationalization of Parikkala-Syväoron border crossing points are strongly supported in Russia and also in Finland the matter should be seen as a positive thing, because the new route would decrease congestions and bottle necks at the other check points in South-east Finland. Head of Karelia Mr. Khudilainen expressed his worry that in Finland the progress with Parikkala is not emphasized ain the same level as the work with Syväoro.

Karelian hosts also wished that the maps of Midnordic Green Transport Corridor should also include the Russian Karelia, which would indicate the mutual contacts and possibilities. Updating the maps will be done.

The internationalization of Parikkala check point has been registered in the region´s border strategy,PDF but already before that the check point could be opened for restricted person traffic, because the check point has the capacity with current resources to enable as much as 90 000 border crossings per year.

More information from:
- Bo Källstrand, Governor Västernorrland, chairman of NECL II -steering committe, tel. +46-611-349351, email: bo.kallstrand(at)

- Per-Åke Hultstedt, Project Manager NECL II, tel. +46701904195, email: per-ake.hultstedt(at)

- Ari Berg, Chairman of Parikkala municipality council, tel. +358 40 566 7328, ari.berg(at)

-  NECL II -Communication Manager Virpi Heikkinen, tel. +358 40 595 0178, virpi.heikkinen(at)

In the meeting on 6/11 were present from Russian side the Head of Karelia Mr. Alexander Khudilainen, Alexander Jefimov, Vladimir Soldatin, Aleksandr Pavlov, Semen Manuilo and Head of Lahdenpohja region Mr. Vladislav Vohmin.

The NECL II -delegation consisted for example of Governor of Västernorrland Bo Källstrand and Project Manager Per-Åke Hultstedt, Chairman of Parikkala municipality council Ari Berg, Regional Planning and Land Use Manager from the Regional Council of South Karelia Marjo Wallenius and CEO Mikko Laaksonen and Marketing and sales Manager Olga Keronen from Baltic Bulk -operator at the port of Kaskinen.


Uppdated: 2012-11-16
In the photo (from the left):
Leader of Lahdenpohja district Vladislav Vohmin, Governor of Västernorrland Bo Källstrand, Head of Karelia Alexander Khudilainen, Chairman of Parikkala municipality council Ari Berg and Project Manager of NECL II -project Per-Åke Hultstedt.

(photo: NECL II/Virpi Heikkinen)

The delegation. (Missing from the photo Andrei Suni, interpretor.)
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