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Empty container management at the Port of Söråker
Today the major part of the containers arriving at the port of Söråker from China is sent all the way back empty. This is not a good policy regarding both economical and environmental costs.
In this case study we therefore intend to test, evaluate and demonstrate how the web-based portal developed in work package 5 can be used to fill the major part of these containers with goods originating from the regional  trade and commerce.
This case study will start in October 2011 with data extracted from Delta terminal AB that owns the Söråker port and coordinate the container management. This will be the first real world test of the web-based portal.

See the reference groupPDF for first test case of Wp 5 consisting of the involved companies and associate partners.

Further information from WP5/ICT-leader Leif Olsson, MIUN

Uppdated: 2011-10-19
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