Bio-fuel for new cargo vessel by Wärtsilä

Interesting related news for NECL II
The use of bio-fuel in cargo ships is a subproject in NECL II, and the aim is to implement a feasibility study on the topic.

Wärtsilä, a Finnish leading solutions provider and systems integrator in the marine industry, will supply the main engines for a new multi-purpose cargo vessel for STX Finland and Meriaura Ltd.
The vessel will be powered by three Wärtsilä 6L20 main generating sets, capable of operating on various types of liquid bio-fuels (LBF) fulfilling Wärtsilä's liquid bio fuel specification. Liquid bio-fuels can be produced from various raw materials of vegetable and non-vegetable origin. The generating sets are also capable of using marine diesel oil as a backup fuel.

This will be the first installation ever where a European commercial shipping operation is going to permanently use LBF as fuel. The onboard fuel system is prepared for regular operation with LBF, and the sea acceptance trials for the owner are to be conducted using liquid bio-fuel. The new vessel, the 'Aura II', is a deck carrier scheduled to be delivered in spring 2012.

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Uppdated: 2011-06-08
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