4th Umbrella transport seminar

on 27th of January in Helsinki

Joint seminar for transnational transport projects within Baltic Sea Region.
NECL II is part of the network.

The event is hosted by  Northern Dimension Partnership for Transport and Logistics (NDPTL) which  is an umbrella structure set up to supervise regional cooperation and mobilise funding for the objectives of improving the major transport connections between the Northern Dimension countries: Germany, Poland, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Belarus and Norway.
More information: http://www.nib.int/about_nib/cooperation/ndptlexternal link, opens in new window

Further information also on: http://transbaltic.eu/calendar/?ciId=3590external link, opens in new window

Uppdated: 2012-01-25
The partners have earlier signed a letter of intent on assistance in developing the green transport network. The letter has been delivered to Mr Jean-Eric Paquet, Director of Trans-European Transport Networks and Smart Transport, DG MOVE, European Commission.

Read the letter of intent (Sep 2011).PDF

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