Communication and dissemination

Here we collect other material for the project.
Logos, ppts, brochures and newsletters are on open web.

Protected trademark
We have protected our trademark Midnordic Green Transport Corridor, see certificate. PDF

Communication Plan - to be followed by all partnersPDF
Including Plan +
Annex 1 - timeframes and plans
Annex 2 - indicators
Annex 3 - budget for WP2

2 ROLL-UPS - you can print or borrow them from our "main offices".
* printversions - if you need help in printing, please, contact CM Virpi.
- nr 1 - map-versionPDF
- nr 2 - textversionPDF

Main offices:
* Leadpartner Per-Åke Hultstedt, located in Härnösand, Sweden:

* Norwegian partner Gaute Dahl, located in Trondheim, Norway

* Communication Manager Virpi Heikkinen, located in Jyväskylä, Finland:

Uppdated: 2012-01-18
If questions: please contact Communication Manager Virpi Heikkinen.
  • Active involvement of all project partners is the key for successful implementation of the project.
  • Every project partner has the responsibility of communication and spreading information about the project.
  • Important target groups are eg. decision makers and transport authorities as well as business life, eg. transporters and cargo owners.  
  • We strongly recommend regular partner meetings in each country!
  • Communication will be evaluated during the project.
  • Follow-up of indicators is part of communication work.
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