Operation of abnormal transports in Ostrobothnia and specialization of ports

With the forthcoming transport solutions from and through Ostrobothnia there is a need to consider the requirements of the special transports such as house building elements, large boats, large marine diesel engines and different kind of metal structures.

The work studies the operation of abnormal transports in Finland and, in particular, in Ostrobothnia.
The functioning of the permit process and division of work between different actors was studied by interviewing business and authority representatives connected to the abnormal transport domain.
The demand for abnormal transports was analzyed based on route permits granted for special transports in the years 2007—2011. This revealed the most significant abnormal transport localities and connections for Finland and Ostrobothnia, and also the most significant abnormal transport destinations in Ostrobothnia.

Read the report: Operation of abnormal transports in OstrobothniaPDF
(act. 3.5., by Ramboll Finland, 2012)

Related study:
Specialization of ports in OstrobothniaPDF (by Ramboll Finland 2012),
(part of act. 3.5. in the project, only abstract in English)

Responsible partner in both studies:
PP12 Regional Council of Ostrobothnia

Further information:
Jerker Johnson, jerker.johnson(at)obotnia.fi

Uppdated: 2013-06-06
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