Study on railway yard reconstructions in Kaskinen and Seinäjoki

Railway terminal and Establishing possibilities for a goods delivery center in Port of Kaskinen. The studies for Port of Kaskinen includes also studies for improvement repair of Kaskinen — Seinäjoki railway and bio goods terminals along the railway line

The renovation of Kaskinen-Seinäjoki railway track was to begin in 2011, but in 2012 the Finnish transport agency aborted the process of this planning which was a complete and unexpected turn-around action from the agency.
Immediately hereafter a large group including all stakeholder groups within the project have had several actions with the purpose to get the repair of the railway track back in process (incl. several seminars, visits to Minister of Transport Merja Kyllönen and a petition for the track at
The agency´s work plan for the renovation is however still up-to-date and can be put into operation whenever the financial situation improves.

One recent news is that Forest BTL is planning a bio fuel factory close to the port of Kaskinen.The factory — when and if operative — would increase the load factor on the railway three times and make the railway repair decision inevitable. Also bio goods terminals along the railway would be essential.

The Preparatory report: Railway terminal in port of Kaskinen, Improvement repair of Kaskinen — Seinäjoki railway and bio goods terminals along the railway line. PDF

The port of Kaskinen has also estimated the possibilities of establishment of a goods delivery center to the port, read more here.

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Uppdated: 2013-09-04
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