Studies on main road 18 in Central Finland

Studies, investigations and preliminary engineering for main road 18 between Multia and Ähtäri and accessing regional road 621 (in Central Finland).

Estimates of environmental and other impacts of the previously mentioned new roads. In addition study of reserve routes for situations when the main route 18 cannot be used.

Main road 18 is an important nationwide road connecting the cities of Jyväskylä, Seinäjoki and Vaasa. This plan focuses on the parts of the main road between Ähtäri and Multia. The 28-kilometer-long section of the road will be redirected to a new location between Myllymäki and Multia. An improvement of the regional road 621 is also included in this plan. The length of the improved section of the road is 15 kilometers.At its current state the main road 18 does not meet the fluency and quality requirements for a main road in Finland. The cross-section is too narrow and there are hills and bends along the road.

In summary, the largest impacts of the road project are the improvements in traffic flow, traffic safety and freight reliability. The amount of residents affected by traffic noise pollution decreases. The road project does not have an impact on carbon dioxide emission reduction.
The total cost for the road construction is 53,8 million euros calculated in 9/2012 cost level. The cost for the main road 18 is 45,1 million euros and for the road 621 8,7 million euros. The benefit- cost ratio is 1,43. Timetable for the construction has yet to be decided.

Main road 18 -report (act. 3.4.)PDF

Appendix: drawings and mapsPDF

Responsible partner:
PP 13 Regional Council of Central Finland,
Traffic Engineer Pekka Kokki
tel. +358 40 595 0006
e-mail: pekka.kokki(at)

Uppdated: 2013-08-13


NECL II has also produced a reserve route plan for main road 18:

Alternative route plan for National Road 18 between Ähtäri and JyväskyläPDF
(Intermediary report 3.4)

Appendix: maps (reserve route)PDF

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