New logistics area in Seinäjoki

The Regional council of Southern Ostrobothnia and Seinäjoki Region Business Service Center have made with Ep-Logistisc a study of regional logistics areaPDF. Defined by earlier studies, the logistics area is located next to the current logistics area, in the Roves district. The target of this study was to define project concept further, how it is located in the area, where and what kind of operations will exist in the area. A significant addition to the current operations is the terminal for combined transportation for trains and trailers.
The planning phase is searching for a common use logistics area where all operators would have a chance to use the services. Operations of the area will consist of logistics and industrial companies and supporting services.

Flyer of the Nordic Logistic City of SeinäjokiPDF

In addition the railroad line between Kaskinen and Seinäjoki is being inspected. Ramboll Finland Ltd. is making a survey for the Finnish Transport Agency about the railway line. Municipalities and other actors have gathered arguments and trying to ensure the necessity of renovating the line. The line is especially important for example to the port of Kaskinen. Maintaining and improving railway lines is a part of the Finnish Transport Strategy.

Further information:
Ari Lehtinen, Project Manager, Seinäjoki stad
Tel:  +358 40 7748 333

and www.nlcseinajoki.fiexternal link, opens in new window

Uppdated: 2012-09-17
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Well-working connections to Russia are important to the region. The region of Seinäjoki is also being part of the development of the Bothnian Green Logistic Corridorexternal link, opens in new window.

- Regional logistics area of SeinäjokiPDF
- Service development of the food industry at Seinäjoki logistics centrePDF
+ summary of above studyPDF

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