Combiterminal Östersund

In Östersund a preliminary study about a new combiterminal has been made and interviewing transport companies and estate owners about a suitable location. Soil testing has been implemented in order to check that the ground endures a certain axle load. Studies so far show that the soil and ground must be significantly strenghtened.
At the moment the planners are trying to find solutions for the financing of the combiterminal, hopefully with participation from the regional authorities and local  municipalities, as well as the Swedish Transport Administration.  After this the planning and possibly actual construction can be started.

Intermodal terminal in Östersund area - Study of technical, economic and market conditions for establishmentPDF (NECL II -report Activity 3.7.)

Further information:
Krister Frykberg, infrastructure coordinator
Phone: +46 63143206
E-mail: krister.frykberg(at)

Uppdated: 2012-06-04
Background material (in Swedish): Etablering av en kombiterminal i Östersund PDF
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