NECL II Press releases

Here we have collected the press releases that NECL II -project has produced and published. Recent releases first, oldest at the bottom.
Final newsletter nr 6 of Midnordic Green Transport Corridor (Sep 2013)

NECL II final conference was held in Sundsvall. East-west communications still need further development (Aug 2013)

NECL II -report: Have we actually done anything significant? (Aug 2013)

New NECL II -report: Survey of border-crossing and intermodal issues with three transport case studies (Aug 2013)

New NECL II -reports: Railway terminal and Establishing possibilities for a goods delivery center in Port of Kaskinen (Aug 2013)

Newest Baltic Transport Journal: The sulphur regulation in the Baltic Sea region — How are we handling the change? (July 2013)

Welcome to our final conference (June 2013)

New NECL II -report: Midnordic Transport Study (June 2013)

Important information from Russian Karelia about ongoing road projects. The internationalization of Parikkala-Syväoro border crossing point still under discussion. (June 2013)

•  TransRussia 2013: more operators from the corridor promoted their services (April 2013)

NECL II -report: main road 18 (Central Finland) (April 2013)

NECL II -report: Operation of abnormal transports in Ostrobothnia (April 2013)

NECL II -report: Specialization of ports in Ostrobothnia (April 2013)

Test the ICT-system developed in NECL II (March 2013)

NECL II -report: Accessibility to the ports in Härnösand,Timrå and Sundsvall (March 2013)

NECL II -report: E14 A part of the green freight corridor (March 2013)

Prospects of the Midnordic Green Transport Corridor was discussed in February 2013 with Russian represents of trade and transports (March 2013)

Newsletter nr 5 of Midnordic Green Transport Corridor (Feb 2013)

New report: Business plan of a logistical centre in Seinäjoki (Jan 2013)

Sulphur regulation in Baltic Sea Region — scenarios for the Mid Nordic region, threats and opportunities (Jan 2013)

The railway line between Kaskinen and Seinäjoki must be repaired (Nov 2012)

Development of Syväoro check point in Russian Karelia is under positive wings - same must be done on the Finnish side in Parikkala (Nov 2012)

Newsletter nr 4 of Midnordic Green Transport Corridor (Sep 2012)

Finnish Minister of Transport Merja Kyllönen visited the Port of Kaskinen (Sep 2012)

NECL II: Norway, Sweden and Finland must invest in alternative and complementing international transport routes in order to face future (Aug 2012)

Mid-term conference of NECL II 15-16 August Vaasa: Bottlenecks in east-west communications (Aug 2012)

New report: Port Costs and Liner Ship Survey between Port of Kaskinen and Swedish Ports (Aug 2012)

The ICT -system of NECL II will be presented at IEEM 2012 in December in Hong Kong (Aug 2012)

NECL II: Memorandum Swedish NDPTL -proposal (June 2012)

Seinäjoki aims to become a major logistics centre in Finland (June 2012)

New NECL II -report: establishment of combiterminal to Ånge, Sweden (June 2012)

Future sulfur regulation on Baltic Sea - Hearing on scenarios for the Midnordic Cargo Transports (June 2012)

• New NECL II -report: Intermodal terminal in Östersund area - Study of technical, economic and market conditions for establishment (June 2012)

The feedback from TransRussia was promising (Apr 2012)

Newsletter nr 3 of Midnordic Green Transport Corridor (March 2012)

New report: regional economic study on bottlenecks and capacity gaps on the Midnordic Green Transport Corridor (March 2012)

Report on cargo flows on the Midnordic Green Transport Corridor (March 2012)

Establishment of new logistics centre to Seinäjoki - food industry strongly involved (March 2012)

International seminar of Combined transports in Seinäjoki region was a success (Nov 2011)

Outcome of east-west transport seminar in Stjördal: the electrification of Meråker Line must be done by July 2015 (Nov 2011)

Joint declaration about development needs in Finland (Oct 2011)

Case studies for ICT-system (Oct 2011)

Newsletter nr 2 of Midnordic Green Transport Corridor (Oct 2011)

The results of study tour in Finland: a lot of interesting information and a joint statement (Sep 2011)

Port Day 15 September Kaskinen (Sep 2011)

Webpages now also in Swedish and Finnish (July 2011)

Study tour from sea to sea was successful (June 2011)

EU part-finances the development of the new railway yard in Ånge (May 2011)

Good experience from TransRussia -exhibition - planning to participate in 2012 (May 2011)

Establishing Combi-terminal in Östersund (May 2011)

Work with main road 18 in Central Finland started (May 2011)

Website of Midnordic Green Transport Corridor now launched (March 2011)

First Newsletter of NECL II (March 2011)

Steering Committee appointed for the project (March 2011)

Kick-off of NECL II 9-10 of November 2010 in Sundsvall (Nov 2010)

NECL II approved in BSR-programme (June 2010)

(In addition news in Swedish and Finnish. )

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