About Green Corridor concept

Green Corridors are a European concept denoting long-distance freight transport corridors where advanced technology and co-modality are used to achieve energy efficiency and reduce environmental impact. Green Corridors support the EU's agenda towards decarbonising transport while emphasizing the need for efficient logistics.
(Source: http://ec.europa.eu/transportexternal link, opens in new window).

The Midnordic Transport Corridor aims to implement the principles of a Green corridor and is taking part in the development of the concept.

Uppdated: 2011-12-13
Related news:
• The Swedish government assignment Green Corridors was formed in 2010.
It is jointly run by Trafikverket (the Swedish Transport Administration), Sjöfartsverket (the Swedish Maritime Administration) and VINNOVA (the Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems).
Read more: http://www.trafikverket.se/Om-Trafikverket/Andra-sprak/English-Engelska/Green-Corridors/external link, opens in new window

• News by TransBaltic-project: Securing Green Corridors in the future cohesion policy: http://transbaltic.eu/about/news/?nId=3057external link, opens in new window

• SuperGreen -project: www.supergreenproject.euexternal link, opens in new window

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